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ShootDart FAQ and Rules

Check our different frequently asked questions by our users in our website and get their answer along with the rules and regulation of our website contest.

why choose shootDart ?

Shoot D Art is a suite of national photography contests. Our mission is to give photographers the opportunity to showcase their amazing work on an national stage. The talent out there is mind blowing, both amateur and professional photographers are capturing sensational images from all corners of the globe. We want you to show us your work, so we can show the world.

All images are judged blind, one at a time. This means every single image that you upload is critiqued by Shoot D art judges and experts. We created this concept in 2016. A year later we launched Shoot D Art with sponsorship concept to open online contest for artist and photographers to expose them around the world with their quality work. The good and best 3 contestants will be awarded by our sponsors.

How is the website providing the awards?

For each contest in our website we are taking number of sponsors online and offline to sponsor the prize amount for the competition and we are showing the sponsors advertisement in our contest page from the starting to end of the contest. So be sure 100% if there is a content, there are few sponsors and as there are sponsors there are real awards. Be clear and be sure on that.

How is this being judged ?

ShootDart has a team of experts and judges with good experience in this field to select the winners.

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